Thursday, June 17, 2010


My new tumbling composter next to my old, DIY compost bin.  Tumbler FTW!

I've been composting for almost a year now,  I made a compost bin out of a plastic storage bin.  I kind of hated using it.  It got kind of gross, so I didn't like lifting the lid to put in new kitchen waste.  I also hated turning it.  The dimensions and the walls of the box made it hard to get the shovel in and to really get things tossed around.

Because of all this I've been looking at tumbling compactors.  When I went to Home Depot this weekend to pick up some stakes for the garden I spied a tumbling compactor that was $50 cheaper than anything else I had seen.  I made an impulse buy and brought it home with me.

It's not the easiest tumbling in the world, but both aspects that annoyed me of my old composter are much better with this new one.  It also has much, MUCH larger capacity for not a much larger footprint.  I am a little disappointed though.  I was thinking about making one.  If anyone wants a DIY tumbling composter let me know.  I have plans for one and I'd love to help!


jaytee said...

i want a DIY composter!

Jaimee said...

Tell me when you want to do it and I'll get you a list of supplies.

Jessica said...

I need/want a DIY composter. Want to come to Austin and help me build it? Austin is beautiful this time of year!

Jaimee said...

Austin is actually on my list of US cities I'd love to visit (probably not for the purpose of composter building), sadly my new job doesn't give me a lot of vacation though. If you really do want to build one here's a link with instructions:


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