Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Well, Memorial Day Weekend was a lot of work, but it was also a lot of fun and parts of it were exactly what a Memorial Day Weekend is supposed to be.  The work was all about creating a vegetable garden.

Saturday I skipped the gym!  We went to the farmers market, got a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, local, fresh, organic buffalo mozzarella and 4 organic, heirloom tomato plants.  I'm obsessed with Caprese salad this summer and I can't wait to make it with fresh, homegrown tomatoes.

After the farmers market we borrowed a tiller so Eric could spend the next few hours being thrown around the freshly cleared brier patch (that was covering a 5 foot in diameter scary rotted stump which was harboring a snakes nest - not kidding) digging and turning the soil.  Turns out we have some great soil.  It literally smells like poo and is chock-full of worms.  While Eric was doing the heavy lifting I went out to get a fence for our vegetable garden to be.  By the end of the day we had the fence mostly up and had started digging irrigation ditches in the garden.  And we were exhausted.  We just cooked at home and built a fire in our outdoor fireplace.

Sunday it was back to work on the garden for a few hours before we went to JT and Bryan's for a cookout (smokeout?).  JT and Eric adopted an electric smoker and this weekend was it's first outing.  We spent all day in the pool with the dogs, eating fantastic food with fantastic friends.

Kota voluntarily swimming.

Shaking out.

JT and I enjoying Bryan's summer specialty - strawberry mojitos - in the pool. 

Eric and I rocking out to whatever JT is playing.

Splashing some warm water.

Dex and I hanging out.

Monday was basically more of the same.  We FINALLY finished the garden and had a small impromptu barbecue in the backyard (More of that in a later post).  Cornhole, good food and good friends make for a perfect end to a perfect weekend.
Shannon and baby Sullivan.

Cornhole in progress.

Megs and I.

Dave's shot is a bit short.

The end of the evening feast.  Hamburgers on chiabatta, all natural hot dogs, avocado summer salad, grilled asparagus.

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