Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kota Update:

Kota had surgery yesterday to remove a Mast Cell Tumor I discussed in a previous post.  I dropped her off at the vet yesterday morning and she definitely knew something was up.  She was shaking the whole time I was there.  It was so hard to leave her there, I heard her barking for me as they took her back.  She went into surgery at around 9:00am and by 11:30 was out of it and was waking up.  We couldn't pick her up until later that day.  Eric picked her up around 6:00pm.  She's doing fine.  She is clearly in some pain and is still on painkillers and Benadryl.  The Benadryl is due to the fact that this type of tumor is filled with histamines that can be released and/or disturbed during surgery.  She's been whining non-stop (like all night) and doesn't really want to lay down.  She just paces and stands there staring at me while she whines.

She did stop whining when I took the Elizabethan collar off so she could eat and go out, so I think she is more concerned about wearing her huge Elizabethan collar:

than she is about the eight inch long patch of skin that has been stapled together.

The tumor was sent to the pathologist.  We'll find out later this week if they got everything and if she'll need further treatment.

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