Friday, May 28, 2010

I Love Lamp!

I wish I had more money, and more side tables.  I love beautiful lamps, but not only are they expensive, you can only have so many.  How's a girl to choose?!?!

Layla Grace has a beautiful selection of lighting options that I can drool over while imagining that I have $300 to spend on a lamp.

The natural tones and classic lines of this Anteriors Bookers Limed Wash Turned Lamp and Shade make me want to try it in my living room.

I love the urchin-y look and the silver interior of the shade in this Anteriors Bexley Aqua Glass Lamp

If you really want to really splurge, Jamie Young has a gorgeous line of lighting like this Lotus Chocolate Lamp Base.

The Luna Chocolate Table Lamp Base is another nice option, but I really love the accompanying Coffee Stripe Silk Drum Lampshade.

I'm posting this last Jamie Young option as an indulgence since it is so close to the first one, but I really just love this Spiral Sea Glass Lamp Base with the Medallion Cotton Wide Hourglass Lampshade.

On a side not, it's really hard for me to type "Jamie."  My fingers just naturally want to go in another direction.

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