Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I No Longer Just Covet:

Morrocan Oil

During last weeks trip to Manhattan, I finally picked up the Morrocan Oil I've been eying (without having to pay shipping I might add).  I've heard rave reviews about this stuff.  I've heard that it makes your hair silky, it makes your hair shiny, it makes your hair smooth, it even makes your hair dry faster.  

I was really excited to try it out so I washed my hair today, two days ahead of schedule.  Usually the day I wash my hair it is just an awful mess.  It's huge and kinda frizzy.  It just doesn't look good if I don't dry it.  So I put a small dab of the oil in my hair today and sprayed it with the shimmer shine.  I promptly jumped in the Jeep, hair soaking wet for an exciting drive to Costco.  My hair DID in fact dry pretty quickly, even taking the windy drive into account.  Other than the top down drive, I treated as I normally do.  That is to say I put it in (and out, and in and out of) a loose bun and let it air dry.  When it was dry and and brushed my hair was in fact silky and shiny and smooth.

I give Morrocan Oil an A+!  At least for day one, the verdict is out for days three and four.

Day four update:  Still silky.  My hair is not at all oily or greasy as I was concerned it would be.  It got a little frizzy, but I didn't refresh it at all while I was in humid, humid Tampa.

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