Friday, May 21, 2010

Standing is a Struggle Today...

WOD: 1-10-1-20-1-30 Deadlifts

Yesterday's WOD (Workout of the Day for those of you who are unitiniated in the CrossFit cult) about killed me.  In this WOD the single reps are pretty heavy and the sets of multiples are (supposed to be) unbroken.

I did a couple warm up reps and went straight to 275# for my first single.  It wasn't pretty.  My back isn't supposed to be round, it's supposed to be straight.  But I figured, "hey!  I got it off the ground, I'm good to go!"  So I did my set set of 10 at 225#.  I knew by rep 5 that it was too heavy for that many reps, but of course I had to keep going.

I knew 275# wasn't coming off the ground again so my next single was 265# followed by my set of 20 at 205#.  By this time I knew that bending over was going to be an issue tomorrow.  My last single came in around 245#.  Well, at least that was done.  But OMG, the set of 30.  OMG.  I think I started at 175# and had to go down to 155# after my second rep.  I don't think I would have gotten through it without some outstanding coaching by Mike.

185# Deadlift at the 2009 CrossFit Games Qualifier

Lessons learned: 
My glutes are not as sore as they should be.  When I'm doing reps rather than working towards a max I need to focus more on my form and using my glutes and hamstrings, keeping my back and abs tight, pushing my heels into the floor. 

I kept feeling like my extremities were all getting in the way of eachother.  I widened my grip and my stance and was able to work through the reps much faster and smoother.

I need to go into a WOD like this with more focus.  I had a really hard time keeping my core tight through it all.

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