Monday, November 1, 2010

Sunday Fall-Funday

We spent yet another lovely fall day up in Maryland at Summers Farm.  It took us a ridiculously long time to get up there.  We got stuck in traffic, we needed a food stop and then we started talking about fresh eggs.  Turns out Meaghan's family up in Frederick has 19 chickens.  That means 19 fresh eggs every day.  That's a lot of eggs.  So of course we had to make an organic, farm fresh egg stop.

Summers Farm has a ton of fun to offer at the low, low entry price of $10.  We didn't take advantage of everything they had to offer, but we did partake in the straw slides, the extra large jumping pillow, the apple cannon and the corn maze.  Oh, and the apple cider donuts of course.  On the jumping pillow we may have been the only adults without children.

Apologies on some of the pictures.  The camera accidentally got switched to ISO 3200.

Eric, Meaghan, Lauren and I the supersized Summers Farm Rocking Chair

 The slide was actually pretty fast.

 The ginormous jumping pillow!

This leaning tower of height measurer is way off.  Meaghan is at least 6'1".

 Enter "The Long Maze"

 Handstands are always in order
 ____ Be no evil.

Apple Cannon.  Eric hit the target on his second try.  I did not.

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