Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wingardium Leviosa!

Sometime during December Eric asked me if I could take January 17th and 18th off.  I could.  That's all the info I got, that and that I shouldn't schedule a birthday outing for the Saturday before because we had an "early appointment" on Sunday.  About a week before said Sunday he started telling me the weather was looking good for my days off!  I knew we were going somewhere!  On Saturday he told me to pack for temperatures with highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s, that we'd be walking a lot, and that it might rain.

When we got to the airport I let him check us in.  I didn't look at my ticket when we went through security.  I tried to keep my ears plugged as they were making announcements.  During the last announcement I jumped the gun and unplugged them too early.  That's when I found out where we were going.  Where were we going, you ask?  To Orlando!

OK, so if you aren't a Disney fan and don't have kids, you're thinking ummm, OK.  What are we going to Orlando for?  Then something magical happened.  You remember the newest attraction in Orlando.  It's magical alright.  We were off to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!!  You know that commercial where the parents tell the kids they're going to Disney World that day?  That was me.  I was pretty excited.

When we got to Florida we spent some time shopping and took advantage of the sunny warmth and spent some time by the pool.  On Monday we spent a VERY rainy day at Wizarding World and went back for more on Tuesday.  What an awesome birthday present!

 Prepared for the rain.

Entering Hogsmeade on an authentically English weather type day!  Please respect the spell limits! 

 Outside Dumbledore's Office.

Frozen butterbeer is amazing. 


 I mean, I was already soaked.  Why not?

My hair after a day of being braided under a hood in the rain.

Butterbeer stach numero dos.  And Buckbeak and I. 

Eric and I at Hagrid's Hut. 

Mmmmm mmmm.  Butterbeer. 

I'm at Hogwarts! 

He is the Champion, my friends... 

Handstands at Hogwarts! 

Eric and I in front of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry1 

Ooops, the Weasly's car crashed. 

Hogsmeade Station.  Please note butterbeer number three. 

Handstand at Hogsmeade Station.

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