Wednesday, January 5, 2011

11/04/11 WOD

Remember how yesterday I was all "I'm totally not sore from yesterday's WOD!"  Oh how much things can change in the space of a few hours.  This workout made me feel every one of those GHD sit ups (and toes to bar) from yesterday.  I now know that I use my abs more than I thought on C2B pull ups.  Like, a lot more.

01/01/11 WOD
5 Rounds

8 Push Press @ 95#
16 Lateral Burpees
8 Chest to Bar Pull Ups (Your chest below the collar bone makes contact with the bar)
          I kinda sounded like this guy when I was doing my pull ups.

So this workout was hard.  It was really rough.  I am usually pretty good at overhead movements but there were a few rounds where I had to put the bar down.  The lateral burpees were just a complete disaster.  Jumping over the bar (which was the barrier we were to jump sideways over for the jumping portion of the burpee) slowly became just getting over the bar however possible.  My chest to bar pull ups were pretty solid.  A lot of effort comes from most of the body to make the pull ups solid, including my abs.  I felt my abs doing their portion of the work.  I was able to keep a steady connection of the pull ups and connected with the bar every time so I was pleased.

I completed the WOD in something like 18:35.

Coach Johnny Mac has me considering a new scaling method called relative scaling.  I want to do it for my future performance, but it would involve scaling down a lot of the WODs to increase my power output and speed.  I know I need this, but a part of me is prideful enough to want to have that RX next to my name, even though I know it's an arbitrary number.  More detail is on Johnny's blog "Running as a Skill."  More from me as I consider if this is right for me.

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JMac said...

You know, I could always start asking Casey to program WODs with 285 Deadlifts for women. And then you'd be forced to scale, which would make using the relative scaling principle really easy :-D.

I'm still working on how to use the article to scale a WOD with multiple barbell movements. Scaling bodyweight stuff is also less precise.


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