Friday, January 7, 2011

01/06/11 WOD

I took one look at this WOD and knew it wasn't going to be fun.  Generally I like chippers, I like being done with one movement and moving on to another.  But generally if the number of reps in a chipper changes, it usually goes down.  I prefer it when it goes down.  Mentally it makes things easier when the reps go down.  Here's what we did:

01/06/11 WOD

10 Thrusters @ 95#
25 Pull Ups
40 Kettlebell Swings @ 55#
50 Ring Dips (used a small band to scale)
60 Box Jumps (I do the jump up, jump down variety)
75 Back Extensions
100 Double Unders (the rope passes under the feet twice for each jump)

Time - 23:30ish

  • Starting with the heavy thrusters wasn't so bad.  Even though I started the WOD already feeling tired, the heavy thrusters really weren't so bad.  I did those straight through with no problem.  
  • The pull ups weren't awful.  My abs were are still hurting from Monday and I felt them in the pull ups.  The kettlebell swings were fine, I mean they were heavier than usual, but they really weren't too bad aside from forearms starting to fatigue from pull ups followed by kettlebells.  I wasn't quite in the zone yet, so I wasn't really pushing myself (bad, Jaimee.  BAD!).  
  • Next came the ring dips.  I used a band by holding the band to the ring while doing your dips.  I'm just not good at them.  It's not like I could go fast enough to gas myself, I just got to a point where I couldn't do more than 3 at a time.  
  • On to box jumps.  I thought I was relatively rested from the ring dips, but then I tried to jump.  I was wrong.  After the first four movements I couldn't use my arms to help at all.  Thanks to Johnny and John to get me actually moving through the box jumps and make me stop the bad double bounce habit I picked up while we were on the mats.
  • Back Extensions weren't so bad aside from the sheer number of them and the fact that I was dripping sweat all over the floor.
  • Or so I thought until I tried to stand up to do double unders.  My first few were at travesty as my back and hamstrings adjusted to being upright again and being used in a different way.
It was rough, but it was fun.

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