Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Deep Creek Weekend

A few years ago some friends and I went to Deep Creek Lake for the weekend.  It was May, but it was still cold.  We had a good time.

We finally did it again this year.  Except we did it in Fall.  Such a better idea.  the colors were beautiful.

We got there Friday, bought much more food than eight people need for a weekend, got our fishing licenses (and I got a pink fishing rod!), played cards.  Had a grand old time.  JT and Eric put together a definite fall type meal of meatloaf and mac and cheese.  JT also brought three homemade pies.  I was warned many times that samples of all three had better be left in the evening when some other friends arrived.  I somehow held off and we had samplings of homemade apple cheddar pie, apple caremel pie and blueberry pear pie for dessert.

Saturday was a really fun day, but a really full day.  We started with scrambled eggs and bacon thanks to Eric after early morning fishing off the dock.  We went on a freezing cold boat ride and got stranded in the middle of the lake when the engine died.  Went fishing in the boat and had sandwhiches we brought along.  I read (of course).  We went to the Haunted Mansion at Wisp where I basically lost my voice due to screaming.  We came back to the cabin to a Top Chef Quick Challenge dinner of pasta, sausage and salad started by Eric and finished by Rachel and Marti.  Eric and Bryan built a campfire.  I taught everyone the essentials of S'mores making.  We made S'mores.  Whew!  I'm exhausted just typing what we did.

More pie for breakfast Sunday morning.  We were sad to go but we decided to make the Deep Creek Lake weekend yet another yearly event.

View from the cabins wrap around porch.
 Kota wishing she was playing in the leaves.
 We put glow sticks on the dogs so we could see them when they went outside at night.
 Dexter.  Always sweet and charming.
 At the table.
Dahlia playing cards.
Fishing off our dock. 
JT has crazy fishing zen.  He is the fishing master. 
 Rach taking pictures.
 Me breaking in my pretty pink fishing rod.
 As much of an action shot as you can get in fishing.
 Our sweet ride....that broke down in the middle of the lake.
 Boatin' crew
 Dahlia rode with me.
 Dex rode with Eric.
 Our fearless captain.

Our crew says goodbye to Deep Creek.  For this year.

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