Friday, September 10, 2010

The Truffle Shuffle

This week I've altered my breakfast routine.  Well, a very small part of it, but this is a big deal folks.  It started when I was finally able to visit the Old Town Tea and Spice shop last weekend and picked up a few choice items.

Raspberry Infused Sugar
Fleur de Sel
Chocolate Salt
Hawaiian Red Salt
And last, but absolutely not least, the jewel of my small salt collection:  Black Truffle Salt.

If I'm gonna be honest, I haven't used any of them but the Black Truffle Salt and I'm having a hard time making myself stray, it's just that amazing.  The truffle smell that gets released when you open the jar is strong, but so delicious.  I don't know how to describe the smell of truffles aside from...truffley?  Musky may work, but it doesn't quite capture it. 

Little black pieces of truffley goodness mixed in with the pacific sea salt.

Anyway, we've tried lightly sprinkled on chicken before it's grilled.  It adds a subtle flavor in the small quantity that really ups the anty on chicken.  Where I'm really loving it is on my eggs in place of my usual Lizano Salsa.  I'm going to have to force myself to switch things up every now and then.  I'll be sure to report back when I can tear myself away from the truffle salt long enough to try my other purchases.


Kate (Embarrassment of Riches) said...

This is where you and your sister (another truffle lover) and I have to agree to disagree. I ABHOR truffles. Hate 'em so much that I am suspicious of the chocolate (non-fungus) kind. At restaurants, I am ever-vigilant about making sure what I order doesn't contain meat or truffles. I have even been known to turn on my heel and walk out of a place if it smells like truffles!

Jaimee said...

I think I knew, and subsequently blocked, this sad, sad fact about you. Truffles actually remind me of you becaue I think the first time I had them was in that mac and cheese sample at Butter for your wedding dinner.

jaytee said...

haha, several things...

1. Kate...WHAT? this surprises me! although, to be fair, i do think truffles are one of the great culinary divides among foodies. but omfggjdshfjkhds, i love me some truffles.

2. Jaimee, i have heard truffles described as earthy. i would even go so far as to say they are pungently earthy, but that isn't great copy when trying to sell them. to me, they smell like the most delicious earth ever. weird because one of my least favorite smells is patchouli.

3. i am SO glad you went and loved it. this should be added to the list of places you and i go that we should probably be accompanied by the more responsible member of our chosen unions. i do need to go back and get some other stuff to experiment with (i want to make a blue cheese crusted steak with the blue cheese powder).

and lastly, you bought big sizes! or did you just put them in new containers?

Jaimee said...

I've heard "earthy," too, but shied away from that because, as you said, it doesn't sound very appetizing.

We def need to go back, although I think bringing Bryan and Eric will be smart. Can I eat the steak?

I bought the normal sizes, I guess the cute bottles make them look bigger.


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