Wednesday, September 1, 2010

By Popular Demand I Bring You... Cakeballs!

A few weeks ago I made delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes.  They had a surprise ball of chocolate chip cookie dough in the middle.  Delish!  As I mentioned in that post, I had to spoon out some of the cake in order to make room for the cookie dough.  I planned on using the extra cake and some extra icing and cookie dough to make cake balls.  I ended up throwing in some of the cupcakes that hadn't been eaten after 4 days as well.  Bakerella is the queen of cakeballs, but the basic concept is this: 

Bake a cake, let it cool completely.  As we know, in this instance I used this recipe.

Mash cake until it is all crumbs.

Add in icing and mix together.  (This turned out to be too much icing for the original amount of crumbs I used.  When I added the cupcakes it all evened out)

Roll mixture into balls about one inch in diameter.  Put them on a cookie sheet on a Silpat pad or parchment paper.

Freeze.  I usually let them freeze overnight

Melt chocolate chips in the microwave.  I usually use one package of semi-sweet or 16 oz of dark chocolate.  If you throw a tablespoon of butter or shortening in there you get a nicer texture.  Put in the microwave for one minute, stir, continue this until the chocolate is melted.  It usually takes around 2:30 to 3:00 minutes.  You can also use candy melts(found at a craft store) if you want to use colors.  If you use white chocolate (which I don't recommend, use the candy melts instead, it's basically the same flavor) do not add the butter or shortening.

Coat the frozen cake balls in the melted chocolate.  There are a lot of methods for this.  You can stick a toothpick in the top and dip in the chocolate, spoon them, roll them, etc.  I'm still trying to perfect the method so I won't suggest one yet. 
So I did this step in the living room, don't judge me!

If you want to top the cakeballs with decoration, do it while the chocolate is still melted.  For the these cakeballs I topped them with kosher salt and it added the perfect kick.

Put them back in the freezer.  You can store these treats in the freezer for quite some time, just take them out about 15 minutes before you want to eat them to defrost.  NEVER put cake in the refrigerator.

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