Monday, February 13, 2012

Bucket List

The theme of Christmas this year was "It's a Homemade Christmas." OK, it was more like "DON'T SPEND MONEY," but the other one sounds better. Sadly, I didn't take pictures of a lot of what I made. (Hopefully I'll get some pictures not taken on an iPad from my mom and sister later.) One thing I did get pictures of, however was the gifts I made for some of my favorite girls. 

Meaghan has been talking about this being the year of stepping outside our box. Doing something we don't normally do. something that scares us. Well, what better way of keeping track of these things than a Bucket List?

 I don't have in process pictures, but here's what I did:

Spray Adhesive
Staple Gun and staples
Cup Hooks
Eye screws
Card stock
Hole punch
Tiny bucket (can be found in bridal or gift wrap section of craft store)
Mini clothes pins


  1. Cut a piece of fabric to size of your canvas. Leave about 2 inches of extra fabric on each side.
  2. Coat your canvas in spray adhesive. Follow directions on the can for drying and adhering directions. Carefully place your fabric onto the coated canvas making sure any lines are straight. Smooth out any bumps. Make hospital corners to keep them looking neat.
  3. Staple extra fabric to wood frame on the back of the canvas. Hammer down any nails that don't go all the way in.
  4. Cut your card stock into strips about 1"x3" and punch holes in the top.
  5. Screw one cup hook into the upper right hand corner and one into the lower left hand corner of the wood frame of your canvas. I drilled a tiny pilot hole, but I don't think it's necessary.
  6. Screw eye hooks into the wood frame of your canvas. I made pilot holes for this as well. Attach twine to eye holes to make your "clothes line." Set these up however you want. I did one next to the eye hook on top and the one on the bottom with a few off kilter lines in between, making sure there was room for the strips of paper.
  7. Put your paper on the top eye hook and your bucket on the bottom.
  8. Write down your bucket list items and attach them to the clothes line with your mini clothes pins. When you've done it, put it into the bucket. It's more satisfying than crossing it off a list!
You could also use this as a to do list, a chore list (I feel like kids may get a sense of satisfaction by putting their completed chores in a bucket. Not that I know much about kids), a menu board. Whatever!

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